Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Living in Birdland!

If you click on this picture to enlarge it, you will see three Painted buntings...one on the window, one on the feeder, and one on the vise below the feeder! These are all male (I had to read up on them) so I am hoping their lady friends are around too, perhaps building the nests! They are so pretty to watch...we are just inundated with birds this spring: cardinals, mockingbirds, sparrows, Eastern Bluebirds, bluejays, doves, barn swallows, purple martins....a few hummingbirds (there will be more at the end of the summer)...and of course, our local pair of road runners who visit us nearly daily. Then we always have a variety of those just passing through....robins, cedar waxwings, meadowlarks. Now if we can figure out a way to get the redwing blackbirds to move on without scaring everyone else away, we will have it made! The blackbirds are such pigs! And they keep the little guys from the feeders!!
I have a pair of mocking birds busily building a nest right outside my studio window in a yaupon tree. I am marking progress, looking forward to the "family's" arrival! Mockingbirds are such good parents! Very devoted to their young!
On the sewing side of things, I am working on my Inner City. I did machine quilt the blocks because I discovered as I was pulling the paper out from the back, I guess I was a little too vigorous and also pulled out some seams!! But I have decided to hand quilt the red border so will post it when finished. And am working on my Series of wheels...this assignment is on using the computer to create a fabric picture which I have done before but not to this extent. Will also post it when further along.
I am finishing Ann Packer's "Song Without Words".... kind of a downer...the last three books I have read have been rather depressing...I am going to the library tomorrow and must find something lighter for a change!!


  1. Hi Jay,
    I love birds! They 're so interesting. From their ability to fly, to their structure, to the variety, color,to nests, talking... I could go on and on. I have an Amazon parrot and she is a great friend, a bit loud sometimes, but I may be loud to her, so it all evens itself out. I have some doves nesting in the trees next to our house and the "cooing" is so soothing.
    The circle quilt is really nice. Hope all is well ; )

  2. Love the bird stories. I know how much you all love watching the birds.

    Can't wait to see pictures of the quilt when you are done!!

  3. This photo reminds me of my wonderful grandmother who died last year at age 96. She was a huge bird watcher, and kept out several hummingbird feeders each season. Her birdwatching rubbed off on me, one of many ways she influenced me.