Thursday, October 13, 2016

My living room/fireplace do over!

     I had a gas fireplace when I first moved into my condo...and a white tile surround,  painted mantle, and a white entry way which is actually part of the living room. My first year here, I re did my kitchen; the second year, my bathrooms; and now for my third year, a redo of the living room!
My Original gas fireplace, white tile, and painted mantle                                                                                 
After tearing out the white tile and gas fireplace and rebuilding area for an electric fire place.
The new hearth which has been enlarged, placement of the electric fire place and
starting of the brick front.
Hearth and brick front are finished but I didn't like the look from the side.

And I decided I really wanted a new mantle out of real wood
 so here it is in the rough...oak!
Sides and mantle attached                                                        
The final product with my accessories back in place!                                                                
And the entry way process
This is the sub coat put on after the tile was removed...goes into a closet too.
And the finished is river rock cut into slices...goes along with my "rustic" look!

So what to do for my next redo?  Well, I'm going to have to build up a little reserve first, then I am thinking of replacing the tile in my is also white and the grout has gotten a little too grungy!

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