Thursday, April 21, 2016

...And Even More

          Tuesday morning, we took the shuttle to catch the "Hop on, hop off" tour bus to continue our tour of Philadelphia.
Our Hop on/off Tour Bus
The gate to Chinatown..according to our tour guide, the third largest in America
A bust of Benjamin Franklin whose name is attached to many endeavors and sites in Philadelphia
     While in the vicinity of the bus stop, we toured the National Jewish History Museum which was an extensive and beautifully arrayed history of Jewish Peoples from their first coming to this country in the 1600s to current times...very worthwhile visit for history buffs.

      Then on the Philadelphia Museum of Art, after eating lunch in a cute little cafe, Luna. What a magnificent display of art!  Our museums in Fort Worth are wonderful, but the PMA is just compares to the Museum of Art in Chicago which I thought was vast. We saw many of our favorites...again too many to post I'll just give you a sample.
Statue of Rocky....of course!
Andrea at the top of the just MUST do the stairs then the Rocky stance!  I did it, too, but I will have to confess neither of us ran up the stairs...and to walk, they are really not that bad....they are not steep, just a lot of them, but about every ten steps there is an wide spot where you can stop to see the view (and catch your breath).
Another Robert Indiana sculpture at the PMA
Degas "Little Dancer" of my bookclubs had just read "The Painted Girls" about Degas' models, their stories, and how he picked them so I was excited to see the real thing. As described, the skirt is not bronze but it real tulle.
"Blue Eyes" by Modigliani...One of my favorite artists 
Picasso "Self Portrait"...although I do not care for much of his latest work, I am a Picasso fan and again, thrilled to see this in person, having seen it in print so many times!
Salvador Dali's "Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War) 1936..not a pretty painting but neither was the Spanish  Civil War!
"The Dinner Date" by Marisol...and another Pop artist that has fascinated me since I saw her rendition of "The Last Supper" many years ago...a definite '60s artist!!
More exterior sculptures at PMA...our view while waiting for our Uber driver.
     We were at the PMA at least three hours so we missed the bus back to the motel, therefore, we called Uber again.  When our driver came, we asked him if he could take us to the airport to pick up our car that we were renting to go on to points South and West the next day.  Very obliging guy...we have discovered a real respect to the Uber drivers...not only were the ones we dealt with very polite and knowledgeable, their prices were much better than the cabs.
      After getting our car, we drove back to the motel, then went to one of the nearby restaurants to get some dinner.  We ate in a little sports bar, the Race Street Cafe (it was on Race Street!) and had a really good hamburger and imported beer.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful visit! I'm glad you got to spend so much time in the Philadelphia Museum of Art -- it is worth missing the bus!

  2. It looks like your Philly trip was wonderful. So glad you visited the Barnes, we loved it! Your pictures make me think there is a trip to Philly in my near future!