Monday, March 14, 2016

Memory Monday

     After a bittersweet year at Illinois College, I did some investigating and discovered that with my transfer grades from IC combined with the few decent grades gained at Mizzou and great diligence on my part I could graduate from University of Missouri nearly on schedule. That would mean summer school in which I did enroll that year.
     Ah, summer school! A totally different life style! By now I had almost all of those pesky science and math classes out of the way and could concentrate on those subjects I loved! English and Art! With a few boring Education classes thrown in. The profs were much more relaxed; I had all my classes in the morning which gave time for other activities in the afternoon!
     There was a small private lake just out of Columbia which had been turned into a wonderful summer retreat for college students in the summer. For a small fee you could spread out your towel, take advantage of the great outdoors and actually get some studying done while tanning! No alcohol was allowed but they did have a concession stand. I spent many hours out there.
      And this was the summer I met the love of my life! I didn't know it at the time; I was dating a friend of his and we all ran around together. One of my good friends, who was also in summer school  living off campus, had a big crush on him so every night, after I got back to the dorm, I would have to give Joanie a call to report on what "DickieDo" (that was the nickname his buddies gave him!) was up to!
      I continued to have a wonderful time in college.....parties, drive in theater, the lake, the favorite pubs...but I had learned my lesson! I did study and did make really good grades for a change for which my parents were very proud!

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