Monday, November 30, 2015

31 Day Challenge

       I have really neglected my blog for a lo-o-ong time so was very glad to see this challenge on FB instigated by Cheryl Sleboda. Starting today (but officially December 1st) we are to blog daily for 31 days. Hopefully after that length of time it will become a habit!

            So let's do a little "catch-up"
      A few months ago,  my Art Quilters Around the World internet group had the challenge of "Uniform" posted. So let me show you my rendition. This topic could go many ways, but I decided to go literal. I did a Girl Scout uniform, sash, badges, and all! The badges are pictures off the internet that I printed on fabric, cut out and fused on. The pins are real. The quilt is  a 16" x 20" wall hanging.

      I would like to show the quilt I did for a challenge, Fly Me To The Moon; it is a juried challenge for a lady who is a quilter, writing a book  about the first lunar landing and wanted quilts for her pictures on given topics. My topic is "Myth: There is No Gravity on the Moon" but we are not supposed to post about our entries yet.
     Then in September,  Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild, held their annual show. I am feeling pretty good about my entries.  I entered five quilts and came home with four ribbons....funny thing...when I left my quilts off to be hung, I thought I didn't have a hope of winning because of the competition I was seeing! You just never know! Here I am with some friends and three of my quilts...for some reason, I didn't get a ribbon of my first place in the Auction quilts.
Jay, Wendy, Heather- three of my studioQ buddies with all our ribbons for 2015 TVQG Show

"Strings and Things"

"May the Fours Be With You"

"This One's for the Girls" (my personal favorite)
       And most recently, I have been working on the current challenge for the Art Quilters of the World which is "Texture".  The reveal date is actually tomorrow but I may be a day or two late.  


  1. I'm glad you are blogging again!

  2. What an exciting challenge you've chosen! I am so going to enjoy seeing this every day.

  3. Jay Dodds!! You are so artistic!! Love the Girl Scout quilt and can't wait to see your "texture" entry!! Thanks for sharing with all of us artistically challenged!

  4. Thank you for sharing your blog.