Tuesday, November 8, 2011

International Quilt Festival-Houston

      Well, I am recovered enough to do a little blogging!  Andrea (my daughter who came to spend the night) and I had a great time in Houston at the quilt show.  We did have a bit of a rocky start!!  We needed to be in Arlington at 5:30 AM to catch the tour bus...and Saturday night was the time change from daylight to standard time.  I changed my watch before I went to bed but left all the other clocks to deal with on Sunday (or let Dick mess with it while we were gone!)  So we set the alarm in our room to go off at nearly 5:00AM which would be 4:00 real time.  I knew we would need to leave by 4:45 to get where we needed to by 5:30.  I woke up several times and everytime I looked at the clock, I would mentally  subtract an hour.  Then about what I thought was 3:00, I heard Andrea up getting ready to go.  I thought "Oh, she has her time off!" and went back to sleep...When my alarm go off at ten til five (really ten til four) I got up...got ready to get in the shower, etc.  Andrea knocks on my door and says, "Mom, we need to be leaving right now!!"  I said, "Oh no, you have your time mixed up."  So to convince her, I checked my watch but sure enough she was right!!  Man, I cussed up a storm...brushed my teeth, threw on my clothes, grabbed my bag, jumped in the car, and drove like a bat out of Hell!!

     Fortunately, there were not vey many people out at that hour!  I tailed onto a pickup truck going well over the speed limit thinking the cops would stop them first!! And we arrived screeching into the bus lot right on time!!!!  I called Dick to let him know we were there...he realized what had gone wrong...the clock-radio we use is relatively new and we did not know that it was a smart clock that would reset itself!!!  I tell you..these new-fangled things will be the death of me!!!!!

Entering the George Brown Auditorium

One of the displays by the "12 x 12" gals

Wonderful thread art and dyeing

Love these cattails!!!

From the Nature group...such wonderful dimension!

Three dimensional houses by several artists

Created with white thread on black fabric

More thread painting

Gorgeous colors...great fabrics!

A closeup of a really neat quilt!

Isn't this just out of this world!!!

Taken from across the hall...The quilt in the center on the wall was done by a good friend of mine.  It appears in the newest Texas Legacy Quilt Book....the whole exhibit is fabulous!!

     It was a wonderful show....there were several exhibits that you couldn't take pictures of  so this is a sampling of some of my favorites that I could take.  I think this show had more of the "art quilt" variety that usual....maybe the genre is becoming more popular!!!  Sure hope so!!!


  1. Changing time really puts a crimp on my body clock. Glad you made it okay and saw some beautiful quilts in Houston.

  2. Oh my gosh what beautiful work, this is new to me, I have painted for years but this thread painting is so ccol.I just found you today, Im so glad i have,, I'm your newest follower!

  3. Jay, thanks for your lovely comments about the 12x12 exhibit! We're so glad you enjoyed it and we were thrilled to be there! It was my first Houston show so I'm still recovering myself!

  4. i'm glad everything worked out okay and you made it to see this great event. thank you for sharing~!