Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

        Scottie dog made for Kathleen while she was in the hospital.

 And this is a Scottie dog made by Dick's Grandma Shirley about forty years ago.  Grandma Shirley lived to be almost 102.  She had five grandchildren...and she made four Scottie dogs for the four who were married and had children.  She also made a little kitty for each of the great grandchildren.  My daughter found a pattern of a Scottie Dog Quilt which also had the pattern for the little stuffed dog.  I plan to make one for all the grandkids' the one I made for Kathleen.  I might be able to get them done for NEXT Christmas if I  get started right now!!  They are actually pretty easy to make once the 2 1/2 inch squares are cut.   Grandma Shirley's Scottie may be "only" forty years old, but the fabric she used is much older than that! A true vintage puppy!

And this is the 23 of December....making tomorrow the 24th!  I have finished all my shopping..and have everything wrapped and under the tree.  We are decorated and ready!! Dick found an old electric train up in the attic that belonged to our girls and has it set up on the dining room table.  Thought the kids might get a kick out of it.

Tomorrow, I am cooking...the Christmas menu is I will do all I can ahead of time so I can enjoy Christmas Day.  Yesterday, I went to the kids' house with the sugar cookie stuff...they usually come out here, but because of Kathleen's surgery, I took it all there.  Had a big time as usual...I think I enjoy it as much as they do.  Decorating sugar cookies is an old family tradition.  When my girls were little, they would sometimes invite one friend over to decorate with us.

I didn't get this finished yesterday, so will continue with it today.  We had a wonderful day with the kids.  Andrea spent the night...Marti and family came over about 11:00..we did stockings and then presents while dinner was cooking.  After eating we played a couple of games the kids had gotten for Christmas.  Much fun had by all!!  Then, before we knew it, it was evening and time for them to go game to watch and dog to let out!

So..Merry Christmas from my house to yours!!  and have a great NEW YEAR...2011!

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  1. It was a great Christmas! Have had a great time out here. XOXO