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Friday, July 31, 2015


     Wow! I haven't blogged in a very long time!!!  And now that the time is here for the latest challenge from Art Quilter's Around the World, I realize our last challenge was the last time! I need to get myself back into the blogging routine!

     This challenge is "Snowflake"...and I just happened to have about a jillion Christmas fabrics that have snowflakes in them!  So I decided to do a little mountain scene using nothing but snowflake fabric except for the fence...and some white beads.  Be sure to go to the AQATW to see everyone else's idea of "Snowflake"...http://aroundtheworldin20quilts.blogspot.com/


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Art Quilters Around The World and Other Stuff

     Today is the day to post the latest theme for AQATW which is "Out of This World". The first thing that popped into my head was something outer space and what is better than an alien. I had acquired a lot of glittery fabric for some other project so the image of a space ship came to my mind....now how to incorporate a space ship and an alien on an 11" x 16" surface?

      So with the help of fusible backing I came up with my challenge entry!

                              An Alien Photo Bomb!

Another project I got finished this week is my "Elements" study I've been working on with my studioQ gang.

This is what it looked like black and white but I didn't really like it so I slashed all up and added red.

I like it much better now. So I finished quilting it with red thread and red binding.

       And another finished product....my 12" x 12" for the 2015 SAQA Auction. Here are some pictures of my process. I decided to do another "Cardinal in Winter"  similar to the one I did fit the Cure Fundraiser. I already had the background, just needed to cut it down to size.

 Materials used

Cut out 12"  x 12"

Closeup of quilting and beading

Closeup of final product!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

More "Catch Up"

     And last week, my studioQ art group met. We either meet at each other's homes or often we'll meet at a fabric shop in Fort Worth, Cabbage Rose, http://www.cabbagerosequilting.com/  which has a great meeting room. As we like to share ideas with each other, our latest endeavor has been working with elements. One of our members, Heather, has had great success with an element she designed. So she has been mentoring  the rest of us on this design technique.

We have started out in black and white. This is a collection of what several of us have done. First steps.

This last picture is my final design for my elements. I sliced it all up and inserted strips of red. Now to get it quilted. I had used the 4 as my basic element so if I like this after it is finished, I may enter it in our guild show, titled "May The Fourth Be With You!"
     I have been working on a couple other projects. One is my quilt for an Internet group I belong to, which is due in a couple weeks. The title for this challenge is "Out of This World ". I've been having fun with this one! so watch for it later in May.
     And I am working on two or three small wallhangings for a book about the first walk on the moon. I can't really show too much of it because we have been requested to not post what we are doing. But maybe I can sneak in just some teasers.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Trip with Gal Pals

I've gotten a little behind on my blog writing...so I'm going to do a little "catch up"!

    A couple weeks ago a bunch of us went to La Grange, Texas to visit the Texas Quilt Museum. It is a lovely facility with a permanent collection of quilts as well as rotating exhibits. We went to see an exhibit of art quilts by the artist, Sue Brenner http://www.suebenner.com/ . A beautiful display of her talent!
This is a picture of the outside of the museum...we couldn't take pictures of Sue's quilts.
       Of course, no trip is complete without lots of eating and laughing!  On the way down, we stopped in Geddings, Texas for lunch.
A cute little coffee shop that had good sandwiches, etc....and where I had my third April episode!
I broke a tooth while biting on a soft piece of bread!!!
        We had a great Mexican dinner with Margaritas in La Grange where we also spent the night. The next day, we traveled over to Round Top, Texas...the cutest little town. I had not been there before but will definitely make a return trip there....the area is known for twice annual flea market/antique sales. And a well known spot is the Pie Place! So we had a mid morning snack of pie!
     After that we headed to Brenham, Texas....originally to visit the Blue Bell Ice Cream plant...but because of their recent recall problems, we visited a wonderful nursery instead.

....where we all bought some plants to take home.  I got a couple herbs for my patio garden.
      Then headed home with one more stop for one more meal at the Monmouth Cafe in Georgetown, Texas....another great eatery!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Recent Trips

    The past two weeks have been busy ones for me...last week I went to my daughter's in McKinney to help her celebrate her birthday.  I went over on Wednesday, her birthday was on Thursday and we had plans to go to the new Perot Museum...
Perot Museum, Dallas, Texas
Beautiful day, bear of a drive getting into the city, then when we arrived, there were thousands of school children there on field trips!  One of the  attendants commented that the kids would all be gone by 1:30 (this was about 11:00) sooo....we decided to go to the Nasher Art Gallery, also in Dallas....which was in our plans after Perot.

Art at the Nasher
Then we decided to grab lunch at the Dallas Museum of Art, right across the street.
The DMA has a  permanent art collection of Chihuly glass...Love it!!!
In cafe at the DMA
A Chihuly up close!
By then it was getting to be close to 1:00 so we decided to head back to the Perot.  We had walked the four blocks, but by the time we were heading back, it had gotten pretty humid so we decided to catch a cab. But we didn't make it back because as we were walking along the sidewalk in front of the DMA, looking for a cab...I tripped big time on a uneven spot! Went down like a ton of bricks...about knocked myself out!  Scared Andrea to death!  Long story short...first ride in an ambulance, first time in the hospital in 47 years when I gave birth to Andrea; xrays...cat scan...but fortunately no broken bones...just LOTS of bruises!!  We did not get to the Perot, nor out to dinner with Andrea's friend for her birthday....will have to see what we can do to top this experience next year!! I would post a picture of my black eye but it is too scary!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Art Quilters Around The World-"In the Garden"

     The theme for AQATW this time is "In The Garden". I have had my quilt finished early for a change, but then I forgot to post it!!! So here goes!
In the Garden
     The quilt is the size of all our challenges...12" x 16". Part of the challenge, besides the title In the Garden, was to create something with texture to give a three dimensional look. So I decided to put a "wrought iron" gate in front of my garden.

The gate opens!
     I covered Timtex with black satin fabric on one side, cut out the sections with an 
X-acto knife, and sewed it on to the sides of the quilt then attached the binding over the sides. This was a fun challenge to do...now on to the next one which is titled "Out of This World". Go to the AQATW  blog to see how the other members from around the world depicted this topic, and to see more detail of how I created mine from the beginning.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Our Beautiful World..."What Light...."

     This week, the blog "Our Beautiful World" has chosen the theme "What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?" from Romeo and Juliet.  For me, my first instinct when seeing the theme, was pictures taken through windows! So here are a few of mine. While traveling with my husband, I became quite adept at taking pictures through moving car windows!  Thanks to digital cameras, I would entertain myself while we traveled many miles by clicking away...being able to immediately delete those too fuzzy to keep!

Columbia River 
Looking through the window of the solarium on an Alaskan Ferry

Driving through Jasper Park in Canada
Visitor's Center-Denali
Denali National Park from our tour bus
Sunset through the Alaskan Ferry window

Golden Gate Bridge-Californa
From the train-Silverton, Colorado 
Silverton Train 
Mackinaw Bridge, Michigan
I have billions more but best stop now before whoever reads this zones out!!!!